Mid-Western University (MWU) is an autonomous public higher education institution established by the Government of Nepal with enactment of Mid-Western University Act 2010 through the Parliament of Nepal. In fact, establishment of Mid-Western University at Birendranagar, Surkhet, Nepal represents the fulfillment of a cherished dream of the general public and institutions dedicated to develop higher education situation in the region.The University aims to serve the people and institutions with enrichment of higher education teaching-learning, research and innovation and institutional system capacity development.

The central campuses of the University and the central administration office are located in Birendranagar and constituent and affiliated campuses have been spread over the KarnaliProvince as well as other key market zones of the country. The University offers higher education in both technical as well as general streams of a wide range of academic disciplines including management sciences, humanities and social sciences, education and cognitive sciences, law, engineering, public health and medicine sciences. 

Right from its inception, the University has placed highest priority to build and transform policies, programs, infrastructure, resources and technologies required to transform a world-class higher education system and practices with an aim to garner an impressive institutional identity and recognition. In its continuous process of quality institutional management, the University has received an overwhelming support, collaboration and cooperation from a wide spectrum of stakeholders including political parties, civil society organizations, industry, regulatory bodies, government departments, professional associations, international development agencies, and most importantly, the general public at local and provincial level.

During the years of study with a variety of dedicated lecturers and researchers, the University aims to help students to enhance their capacity, promote holistic development of their abilities and personality and bringing them to a deeper understanding of their future role in the society.

The University, in the long run, is dedicated to become "the Centre of Excellence" in teaching-learning, research and innovation, policy advocacy and all sector development. Its primary goal is to set up a culture of inquiry-based learning in the country and thereby extend and spread the benefits of knowledge by providing access to its pragmatic implications for the society, at large. For this, the University emphasizes in building and promoting a dynamic community of change makers. Focus, preemptive move, low cost and innovation are the driving strategic consideration in everything the institution does by taking into account a selected philosophy of quality management-beneficiary focus, total participation, shared vision, institution-wide commitment, system standardization and measurements, continuous improvement, and macro  systems compliance. 

For this all, MWU firmly understands the significance of inducing a culture and institutional system practices of quality assurance and accreditation (QAA) at its institutional strategic thinking as well as programmatic functional operations. We are in the continuous mission of achieving and retaining national as well as international recognition and accreditation at all three levels - the University, Faculties and Programs or Campus.

faculty of management

The Faculty of Management at Mid-Western University has a mission to reach to the unreached in the deprived areas of the country beyond community affordability. The institution intends to provide technical support to public, private and development sectors in harmonizing their workforce and institutional capacities under changing national and global contexts.

Currently, we offer four-eight-semester Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) programs at undergraduate level. At the graduate level, our academic programs include two-year, four-semester Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Business Studies (MBS) programs. At the post-graduate level, Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs are on offering.

Besides academia, Faculty of Management offers a number of government and industry focused, short-term programs to support institutional system capacity development, professional development and promoting a culture of research and innovation.