Strategic Intents


Mid-Western University,Faculty of Management aims to promote itself as a referred stewarding institution for promoting access and affordability to quality assured universal higher education in management sciences.


Aligned with the mission of the University, Faculty of Management has defined four dimensional institutional process and purpose --

Centre of excellence to promote quality education and management practices by maintaining the universal academic system standards.

Source of universal knowledge for creation, protection and dissemination of meaningful knowledge and information through teaching-learning, research and innovation, industry-academia dialogues and policy advisory discourses in the field of management sciences.

Powerful engine for empowermentthrough collective transformation and meaningful empowerment of the society via entrepreneurship promotion, economic growth and sustainable national development leading onto 'welfare-state' at large.

Sourcing and extension services for community outreach learning and innovation, national and international development project partnerships and society-academic-industry-wide collaborations. 


The primary objective of Mid-Western University,Faculty of Management is to provide with responsible institutional stewardship in the national mission to develop and promote higher education in management sciences in the country and beyond.

More specifically, the Faculty of Management aims to --

  1. provide with effective resourcing and facilitation to the teaching-learning community, industry, and the governments at large, for real-time development, delivery, monitoring and evaluation of higher education academic programs in management sciences addressing the impeding needs of the country,
  2. design and deliver a series of executive education programs to empower industry professionals, government agencies and development partners with updated knowledge, skill competence and system practices of scientific innovation and management in changing contexts,
  3. help the industry, academia and governments to foster a culture of inquiry and evidence-based decision-making by means of effective design and execution of research and innovation,
  4. provide with institutional stewardship to promote gender empowerment and social inclusion by implementing an inclusive approach to mainstream diversity in the plethora of national academia,
  5. support with technical facilitation and policy advocacy in the national mission to achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs) of Nepal, and
  6. confirm the universal relevance of delivered quality of services by means of enactment of internal and external quality assurance and accreditation systems for all services the institution delivers to the society. 

Value System and Working Principles

Mid-Western University, Faculty of Management holds itself accountable to its shared values in the process of design, development, delivery, performance evaluation and learning with an aim to transform as a learning community.

Collaboration and partnerships: Promotion of effective cooperation and partnerships with the industries, education institutions, governments, development agencies, internal academic departments, beneficiary communities and professional societies is our collaborative commitment in action.

Compliance: Comply with prevailing national and international rule of law and system practices to safeguard natural environment and promote the empowerment of gender, social inclusion and access from every respect of diversity.

Equality and harmony: Universal compliance in respect with non-alliance and equal treatment with respect and dignity at individual, institutional and national levels to build and promote everlasting harmonious relationships.

Integrity, openness and respect:Faculty of Management is best known for its candid of honesty, dedication, fairness, and embracement of freedom of ideas, inquiry, and expression whereby valuing the differences across the world.

Learning organization:Always open to listen to constructive criticisms and feedback to achieve continued improvement in everything it does. Initiating change for sustainable development is one of the core institutional values. Faculty of Management strivesfor the betterment of everyone, always by driving out fear of failure and dominance in all respects.

Responsiveness and accountability:At Faculty of Management in Mid-Western University, each member has been nurtured for abiding with the norms and values on socio-ethical responsiveness and obligation. Our people always strive to be the first to respond to every situation. We commit to take initiatives and share our responsibility for exemplifying excellence. We are responsible for making our community ever better, through our words and actions in dealing with others.

Rich in commitment:Faculty of Management bears a rich culture of fulfillment of its commitment towards all stakeholders, always. Our collective effort is continuously vested on delivering more than promised to cherish a shared happiness in each instance.


Institutional Priorities

The working of Mid-Western University, Faculty of Management has been nourished by a set of pre-determined service priorities that include --

  1. Institutional development: As the University strives to achieve a referred position of institutional identity in the world of multi-disciplinary higher education, the Faculty of Management has its first priority to develop institutional system capacity at par with expected level of performance making the entire institution capable of upholding the system requirements of a high quality academic institution. For this, the collective effort always rests on developing and sustaining quality infrastructure, operating resources, information systems and functional process climate – all supporting to proclaim as a center of excellence.
  2. Program interventions:Faculty of Management offers world class, innovative and timely updated academic programs, executive education programs, professional development initiatives, research and innovation services as well as advisory services for public, private and development sector organizations and governments. 
  3. Industry stewardship:Faculty of Management is committed to stand along the needs and aspirations of wide range of stakeholders. For this, it serves as an open window by creating and sustaining an effective industry interface allowing a two-way exchange of ideas, resources and problems. Our continuing culture permits for the creation and promotion of strategic partnerships with different industries to create a wider spectrum of opportunities for its graduates and teaching faculty in course of financing higher education as well as making teaching learning a more pragmatic discourse. 
  4. Empowerment of youth and diversity:We are highly sensitive in promoting youth, gender empowerment and social inclusion (GESI) amid changing national and global contexts. The institution has in place a GESI policy, young professional development policy, and international policy on diversity.  
  5. Knowledge management:Faculty of Management, by every means and ends, aspires for the creation, development, expansion, protection and promotion of Nepalese indigenous knowledge and extends it to the global frontiers to transform Nepal’s national identity in cognitive sciences and development. The University policy in knowledge management empowers young professionals to seek and explore a variety of hidden and endangered indigenous knowledge, transform and promote them for the benefits of national and indigenous intellect.    
  6. Quality assurance: Mid-Western University, Faculty of Management firmly understands that everything it does in the form of its institutional offering needs be assured with conformance of delivered quality. For this, the institution has made a mandatory provision of having in place the Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) at the central level, Quality Assurance Sub-Committee (QASC) at faculty level, Internal Quality Assurance Committee (IQAC) at the campus or institution level, and Self-Assessment Team (SAT) at the campus and program implementation level to govern and address quality assurance, accreditation, compliance, research, innovation, advocacy and publication related matters.

In this respect, following the guidelines of University Grants Commission Nepal (UGC) and Mid-Western University, we prioritize on harmonizing a set of eight generic criteria for effective process climate transformation into nationally and internationally desired QAA system within our institutions and services:

  1. QAA intensive policy, procedures and good governance in place,
  2. Transformation and continuous improvement of curricular aspects,
  3. Quality teaching-learning and evaluation system,
  4. Continuous happening of research, innovation and community and industry extension activities,
  5. Development and transformation of university-wide infrastructure and teaching-learning resourcefulness,
  6. Student-centered support, guidance, development and promotion activities,
  7. Robust university-wide information system in place, and
  8. Having provision of effective information system. 
  1. Leadership promotion: We place the highest priority on inclusive youth empowerment with knowledge, skill competence and attitude (KSA) supporting our mission to produce and promote a generation of effective leadership for nation building in every sector.